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Can I use Loyalti to send messages to customers of my cannabis dispensary?

The Loyalti mobile app does include support for retailers who sell cannabis-based products, including CBD and THC. In-App and email messages are allowed.

The cannabis industry is a type of retail that is subject to regulations on a state-by-state basis and is also constrained by federal legal restrictions. Because of these federal regulations, some types of campaigns are not available to cannabis stores in the Loyalti system. Here are the details on what is allowed for cannabis retailers:  


  • Mobile Push Marketing: All types of messages are allowed to be sent via mobile push marketing in the Loyalti mobile app. Not subject to federal SHAFT regulations. 
  • Email: Cannabis-related information can be sent via email marketing campaigns as well, and this is also a permitted method for cannabis retailers to reach your shoppers. 

Recommended: Mobile Push Marketing campaigns are the primary recommended method for cannabis retailers to communicate with their customers. Learn more >

Tip: To learn more about SHAFT regulations, read this page about SHAFT and watch this video about marketing within regulated industries. 

Here is a set of screenshots of the Loyalti mobile app used by a cannabis retailer: