How does the technology work?

All Loyalti systems are based on a unique and patented technology that allows for secure and valid check-in events at any business location.



Each Stamp contains a unique 5-point pattern that is specifically assigned to your business name and location. Each Stamp device has a pattern that is unique and special, and has security features to make it hard to duplicate or to "spoof". 


When you check in a customer or validate their reward by using a Stamp device on their screen, SnowShoe checks the unique 5-point pattern to authenticate which stamp is in use. Then we connect your business ID and time of day to the event you register. When you stamp the screen, your business ID and the time of day are both logged in connection with that registered customer. 

Our leading system based on our technology -- Loyalti-- creates points and tracks rewards using Stamps. When a customer is supposed to receive points on this system when you stamp the screen, then we assign the points and reflect this information both on your Merchant Dashboard as well as on the customer's Loyalti mobile app or in your Pro kiosk system. If customer engagement tools are tied to that check-in event, we fire off the right mobile notification, SMS or email to your specific customer, based on the check-in event registered with the Stamp. All Loyalti customer activity is logged in the Merchant Dashboard, for you to review. 


The Stamp is a unique and patented technology that is not NFC, RFID, QR Code-based. Our technology is protected by 32 patents in 14 countries. The technology is proprietary to SnowShoe. 

The technology provides a secure, non-electrical, and non-inferring way of providing validation of events in real-time for a variety of use cases, including customer loyalty.  

Here is a short summary of how the Loyalti system works: 

  1. Secure Pattern Match
    • Each Stamp device contains a unique and secure pattern, defined by a patented mathematical algorithm.
    • Each Stamp device is registered to one secure physical location.
  2. Pattern Recognition by Device
    • The secure pattern is recognized by any app or page that has been optimized for Stamp devices.
    • Any capacitive touchscreen can recognize and capture this pattern.
  3. Secure Check-in Achieved
    • Check-in is achieved when the event is transmitted to SnowShoe’s secure cloud repository, which contains a registry for all Stamp patterns.
    • Data is stored for your business records.

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