I need to replace my hardware. How do I do this?

If you want to replace a Stamp or kiosk, contact Customer Success. Here are all the details:


1. If you are using the Stamps as your loyalty solution, you can always request replacement stamps. 

2. Contact the Customer Support team first. Here's our contact information: 

Note: Upgrading your plan to the next tier of service does not incur any additional equipment fees. All equipment is free with each plan. No equipment surcharges!


1. Contact the Customer Support team to replace your kiosk or to add additional Spark Stamps, kiosks, iPads or equipment associated with the kiosk system. Here's our contact information: 

The Customer Support Team is available via phone and email to assist during standard business hours:

  • Monday through Friday
  • 6 am – 6 pm (Pacific time)

2. The Customer Support team will provide you with instructions on how to replace your equipment or can help you upgrade to the next tier of Loyalti service.