What can a cashier or other employees do on the kiosk?

The kiosk is primarily designed for your customers to use. However, the kiosk also has a pre-installed Cashier Dashboard on the device. Here are the two functions that your cashier can use on the kiosk.

When your Loyalti kiosk arrives, you'll find two convenient links to on-device apps that are already installed on the screen. These apps are specifically designed for your business and include the Loyalti check-in screen and the Loyalti Cashier Dashboard. You can easily access these functions directly from the home screen of the device. Let's take a closer look at how to use these two functions:


  • Stamp the Kiosk Screen: The cashier can use a Stamp to validate a shopper's check-in on the kiosk. To do this, a cashier or front-of-house employee rotates the kiosk toward themselves and then stamps firmly on the screen. The Stamp is not an NFC or RFID device -- it requires a firm touch to the screen with the entire flat surface. 
  1. Edit Points: The cashier can also use an on-device "cashier login" which provides access for your employees to view the customer entry log, and adjust points as needed. For example, if the shopper has accidentally received double points, the cashier can adjust those points. 
  2. View Customer Log: Using the cashier login, your employees are also able to view the entire customer log and make edits as needed. Shoppers can be blocked from acquiring further points from this screen as well, and a cashier can also edit customer values.