About SnowShoe & Loyalti

SnowShoe is a retail software company based in Portland, Oregon. We deliver a variety of patented solutions, including the Loyalti system.

SnowShoe is a locally-owned independent business based out of Portland, Oregon. We make software and hardware that empower retailers to engage with your customers.

Our mission is to empower independent retailers with market-leading technology, helping them to build a loyal and engaged customer base. We developed the state-of-the-art Loyalti® mobile system specifically to meet the needs of small businesses: It’s easy, simple, inexpensive, and it just works. Our Loyalti system has registered more than 25 million check-in events in 1,000 locations worldwide in countries around the world. Contact us to learn more about Loyalti and other Loyalti solutions used by businesses all over the world for event ticket validationaccess management, and customer engagement.

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Here's a short video introduction to SnowShoe and our Loyalti technology: